We have spend last days of dreadful December and whole year in Budapest with Stefka and Borys.
I was very close to stay at home after losing Lola 3 weeks and Xena a day before the travel… but i though it could be good for me to do something than just lay in bed and cry…
Unfortunately Borys hurt his paw badly at the entrance to the show venue on the first day… We were already late because of really long line to the parking, Borys was bleeding so heavily that after only few seconds whole entrance was covered in his blood… I was so, so broke that moment that i was ready to go back home… But we stayed and even despite of my stress, unhappiness and willing to hide and cry my dogs gave 200% from themselves. I can’t be more proud of them!! ♥

For little Miss Stefka those were first shows ever and she showed us she is a Star! ♥
Borys showed us he’s a Star years ago already but this time he made me proud as never ♥

Grand Prix Winner CACIB Show, 28.12.2021
Borys – exc1, CAC 🏆
Stefka – vp1, Best Puppy in Breed🏆

Retriever and Water Dogs European Club Trophy, 29.12.2021
Borys, still a little limping – vg2🏆
Stefka – vp1, Best Puppy in Breed with lovely title Puppy European Club Trophy Winner! 🏆

European Dog Show, 30.12.2021
Borys – exc1, CAC and new Hungarian Show Champion! 🏆
Stefka – vp1, European Puppy Winner and new Hungarian Puppy Champion! 🏆