Puppy plans after Xena and Wiktor!

Pregnancy confirmed by ultrascan, puppies due 16.08.2021 🙂

We invite you to contact us and book a puppy zbasisfory@gmail.com

As breeders we alwaysmake special effords to ensure that our puppies were not only healthy and beautiful representatives of their breed but also with typical charakters of their breed.
Puppies are born and are raised in our home, have contact not only with us and their mother but also with the rest of the dogs or our guests.
Since the birth our puppies are taken on the hands, patted or cuddled and from the third day of life they are subjected to early neurological stimulation BIO SENSOR which aims, for example, to strengthen minutes cardiovascular, resistance to stress and increase resistance to disease.
Older puppies get used to the leash, we are talking to them during plays, we show what is allowed and what is not. We take them on the short walks where on our hands they can watch and listen to the life of the city.
We also provide appropriate care of our dog moms (and the rest of the dogs!) –
we believe that only a happy mother is able to properly take care of their children.
Therefore we do not breed often and help to our bitches as much as possible in the care of babies.
Thanks to that our puppies don’t have problems with acclimatization in new homes and our bitches are quickly back in shape after labours which is proven by our Ala who finished Interchampion title 4 months after labour or Dzi who finished Polish Champion 3 months after labour.

All our puppies are leaving to their new homes wormed and vaccinated according to age, with a package of documents (including the birth certificate of Polish Kennel Club which entitles you to develop the pedigree, for puppies going abroad we provide export pedigree) and the puppy-pack.



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Our past litters:

Miot "W"

Lola <3 Samba
ur 04.03.2014

Miot "Karnawałowy"

Xena <3 Wiktor
ur 06.01.2018