CCR – Warrior Princess

dob 04.03.2014
she stayed with us 🙂


Mother is our Lola – CIE PLCH ROCH GrandROCH PLJCH SKJCH PLJW SKCLJW JEW ClWin PLW Saxonholme Eoa.
Her health results: HD A, ED 0/0, eyes clear, gonio free, GSD IIIa free, EIC affected( with no symptoms), heart normal.

The father is a young dog( dob 08.01.2011) born in USA and living in UK Samba – Sun Devil Samba in Bohemia. His health results: HD 5:5( that’s A), GSD IIIa free( after parents), EIC free, PRA cord1 free.

Xena pedigree:

z BasiSfory

We already know that that girl would never get GSDIIIa, EIC and PRA cord1!