About us

Maybe that’s what you can read at every kennel site but dogs were always in our lives.
There were a few dogs in our lives for example Ita with who I had grew up and who in my mind will be always a big black and shaggy dog​​( in fact she was small, gray and wire;), Baca who was always 8 months old or Zygmunt and Koko who still lives with us but the first consciously choosen dog is Brenda.

We were thinking about the right breed for a long time. When we chose that had to be a retriever our road to find flatcoats were quite short. First we had read a few laconic descriptions about the breed which allowed us to think it’s the right breed for us. We decided that before we will buy a puppy we need to see at least one flatcoat live. We went for one of the dog shows in Lublin and now we know how lucky we were! ;) When we were walking pass the rings we saw HIM. A black dog, looks a little bit like golden retriever and who seems to be a star among other dogs. It was a black flatcoat Beryl, lately our Brenda first love;) He was amazing, all the time wagging his tail and so happy that there are so many people who can scratch his back! Of coure we have fell in love and that was the moment of decision – flatcoat or no other dog!

After few weeks, exactly 27 July 2007, our Brenda( WILD COUNTRY MUSIC Diamentowa Zagroda) walked into our lives. Pretty soon we had decided that we want second flattie and 15 March 2008 our Sonka( Compendio SUNFLOWER POLLEN) start to live with us.

In the mean time we began our adventure with dog shows which become for us a very pleasant way to spend a weekend :)

At one of the shows we meet first curly coated retriever bitch in Poland – Caddie. She charmed us with her wonderful character. Since that day we had start to think about such a dog and, in 2010, our dream come true. Lola( Saxonholme Eoa) come to Poland to live with us 20 February 2010. This little rascal was very cunning in gaining sympathy so very soon we and most of or friends were in love with her ;)

In June 2011 we had our first flatcoat litter after our Brenda and an English dog Indigo( Madison Wild Indigo). 3 puppies from that litter stayed with us: Dzi( WILDEST GEORGETTE BURNT MUFFINS z BasiSfory), Ala( WILDEST ALICE FROM THE FLAMES z BasiSfory) and Sam( WILDEST SAM THE FIREFIGHTER z BasiSfory).

Now we live with ten dogs who are part of our family. Our main principle is that dogs live with us not next to us so we can’t imagine that they live outside the home. I won’t write how much we love eachother, i will only write that our lives without dogs will be dull and empty.

Because dogs are real part of our family they have a lifetime place in our home( and eternal in our hearts;) – we do not sell god who get old, retired or was never used for breeding. We love spending time with our dogs and that’s why we can’t even imagine such a solution.

Condition, both physical and mental, of our dogs are also very important for us and that’s why our bitches are never used in breeding before 2,5 years, they don’t have litters every year and in general they have max 3 litters per life. Our stud dog is not used to every bitch that owners wish to.
All of them are lying on our couches, they took walks where they can get dirty( mud-baths is something that retriever love;) and they have a peaceful country-side life 😉

Our passion led to active participation in the life of our branch of Polish Kennel Club.
In 2013 we took part in a course for Show Assistants and 23 March we have passed the exam, for VIII FCI group of course ;)